June 2024

Pete has proposed three potential films for us to watch this month (see below). Nominations have now closed and The Dancer Upstairs (8 votes) was preferred to The Secret In Their Eyes (4 votes) and Marshland (3 votes).

  • Location: The Spirit of Life
  • Date: Saturday, 29th June 2024
  • Time: 20:00 for a 20:30 start

This month, as with all of the months during the summer, we shall be watching the film outdoors. When the film ends we will rearrange the chairs and provide wine and nibbles to ensure a convivial atmosphere for discussion. On the evening we will ask for a €3 contribution to defray the cost of the wine and nibbles.

The Secret In Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos)

The Secret in Their Eyes is a 2009 Argentine-Spanish crime drama film which focuses on the relationship between judiciaries Benjamín Espósito (Darín) and Irene Hastings (Villamil) and their investigation into a murder case in 1970s Argentina. It uses a nonlinear narrative and explores the strenuous political and social climate in Argentina throughout the later 20th century.
The Secret in Their Eyes was theatrically released in Argentina on August 13, 2009. It received critical acclaim for its screenplay, thematic content, Campanella’s direction, and the performances of the cast. It received numerous awards and nominations, winning for Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards and for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film at the 24th Goya Awards.
Marshland (La Isla Minima)

Two adolescents disappear from a town deep in the Guadalquivir wetlands. Two detectives are sent from Madrid; both use very different methods and are not precisely going through the best moment in their professional careers. A strike threatens the rice harvest and complicates the investigations of the two policemen, pressed to solve the case as quickly as possible. What they do however discover is evidence that many more youngsters have disappeared and that there is another source of wealth: drug trafficking.

The film was presented at the 62nd San Sebastián International Film Festival on 20 September 2014. It swept the 29th Goya Awards, winning ten categories, including Best Film, Director, Original Screenplay, and Leading Actor (Gutiérrez).
The Dancer Upstairs

The Dancer Upstairs is a 2002 Spanish-American crime thriller film produced and directed by John Malkovich (in his directorial debut), and starring Javier Bardem, Juan Diego Botto and Laura Morante. The film is an adaptation of the 1995 novel The Dancer Upstairs by Nicholas Shakespeare, who also wrote the screenplay.