The market

An open air market ( or an inside one for that matter) is a joy, pure joy.

Every country I’ve visited I’ve tried to go to the market, first thing, before meetings or at the end of the working morning to see what’s left. I shouldn’t bring anything home in my suitcase but that doesn’t work. I remember bringing home three pounds of pickling gherkins from Budapest, two dozen passion fruit from France, endless salamis from Croatia ( some of the best in my opinion) and so many spices from Levinsky market in Tel Aviv. I wrap my cheeses in wax paper, then put them in an insulated bag with an icepack ( taken with me, natch) and put them in the middle of the suitcase and even after a four hour flight and a four hour journey home, they still remain chilled.

Florina peppers – Kalamata market, Greece