We attempt to raise awareness of the issues of waste management, recycling and composting through as wide a variety of ways as possible, which the public find both entertaining and informative.

For example we have used school visits, information campaigns, clean-up campaigns, festivals with music and plays, and lobbying to promote our cause.

Our activities

School visits

Each year we undertake a wide variety of work with schools in the area. For example, in 2018 amongst our many school-based activities we:

  • Financed school trips to the Centre for Environmental Education in Messinia,
  • Donated a plastic shredder and containers for paper to the primary school in Stoupa,
  • Donated badges, boards, t-shirts and other merchandise to high school pupils,
  • Gave presentations and organised voluntary clean-ups – by playing the game “hidden rubbish” in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Stoupa, Kardamyli and Kampos.

Information campaigns

We regularly visit towns throughout the region to raise residents awareness of the problems of waste management and how to recycle properly. For example, in 2018 we had campaigns in Stoupa (on two occasions), Agios Nikolaos and Kampos; and also were present during the Mani Pulse Festival in Agios Nikolaos.

  • Demonstration and Information campaign, Kardamyli

Clean-up campaigns

  • Clean up campaign in Kardamyli, 2018. The purpose is to educate and get our message across as well as to clean up the environment.

Each year we organise a large number of “Clean Up” days, either villages, along main roads or beaches.

In 2018-19 – amongst many other operations – we cleaned in Agios Nikolaos (in collaboration with local residents), Neochori (with musical accompaniment from the Tympanistas), Kardamyli (as part of the Greek national campaign “Let’s Do It), Ritsa (as part of the world-wide Coastal Cleaning) and Kalives (in collaboration with the local council).

At the end of the day there is always a photo session in which all of the volunteers participate; and there is often a social event afterwards – drinks or a meal.


A celebration, entitled “Nothing Goes To Waste”, dedicated to recycling and reuse of items was staged in the Αυλή της Γιωργίτσας in Kardamyli in October 2019. The message to both young and old is that the protection of the environment is in our own hands.
We campaigned at the Mani Pulse Festival in 2019 to improve the quality of our water. You can view the presentation we gave, prepared by Anna Rebholz, by following this link.


Our activities are not just limited to education and clean-up operations. We also lobby newspapers, television, local and national government to press for help. For example, amongst other things we:

  • Protested about the accumulation of waste at Pantazi,
  • Raised the issue damage to and deterioration of the Cultural Centre in Stoupa,
  • Protested about the existence of a garbage dump at the upper perimeter of Vatrinitsa Gorge, and
  • Worked with six other organisations in the Municipality of West Mani to complain about the lack of rubbish removal.

Social Activities

Lest we give the impression that it’s all about hard work, Clean Mani also organises social activities too. For example:

  • In November 2018 we went to Vasiliki Forest for mushroom gathering;
  • In October 2019 we organised two musical playlets on the themes of recycling, composting and prevention of pollution with musical accompaniment from the municipal band, Katsikeas Ilias, Evangelos Koutsoumbos and with the help of association member John Germeraad.

How we can help you

We can help you reuse – recycle – compost by:

How you can help us

You can help us achieve our goals in the following ways:

  • Helping us on litter collection days, when we target an area to clean it thoroughly.
  • Promoting our group and the work it does by:
    • Sharing this page on Facebook or Twitter – links can be found towards the top of the page
    • Liking and joining our Facebook group so that you get informed of updates
  • Helping to keep our site up to date, by identifying mistakes and suggesting updates
  • Volunteering at the “green corner” as and when this gets running
  • Suggesting ideas and participating in simple schemes to encourage reuse, recycling and composting. For example, why not write an article telling visitors to our site about steps that you have personally taken to minimise your impact on the environment

Our aims

Our aims, as per our founding charter, are to:

  1. Raise residents’ awareness about the issue of rubbish through educational programmes
  2. Activate and motivate residents for the elimination of rubbish, for its correct management, and for the protection of the environment
  3. Participate in actions initiated by state bodies and to cooperate with the local government on issues concerning residents’ education and the management of waste
  4. Participate in teamwork to protect the environment in Messinia, the Peloponnese, Greece and elsewhere
  5. Protect our area from all kinds of pollution
  6. Raise the mental and cultural level of its members and fellow residents
  7. Preserve and promote peace
  8. Strengthen and create relationships and bonds of friendship among members

Our organisational structure

Clean Mani has a Governing Council, of whom the president and two or three others sit on the Control Committee, and a General Assembly.

Governing Council

The current members of the Governing Council are:

  • Sophia Christofilopoulou, President
  • Georgia Meimetea, Secretary
  • Evangelos Katsouleas, Treasurer
  • Peter Rollett, member
  • Ann Gilbert, member
  • Izabel Zeiss, member
  • Sophia Kishta, member
  • Vaggelis Mpakeas, member
  • George Hiouteas, member

Control Committee

The current Control Committee members are: