Green Corner

Green Corner is a site operated by Clean Mani to help residents and local businesses to recycle. It is located on the main Kalamata – Areopolis road between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos. Please bring along your recyclables and we will help teach you about how you can recycle them correctly.

Summer Opening Times

09:00 to 12:0017:00 to 20:0009:00 to 12:00

Basic Rules

  1. Waste is only created when we mix recyclable and organic materials.
    1. Recyclables are packaging materials (glass, aluminium, paper, etc).
    2. Organics are the remains of food and products of plant origin (fruit, peel, vegetables, etc).
  2. Have separate containers (boxes or bags) for recyclables and organics.
    1. Put organics in the garden – in the composter or give them to animals. Νever put organics in the recycling containers.
    2. Put recyclables – clean and compressed – in the recycling containers and take them to Green Corner during its opening hours.
  3. Never leave bags, boxes or containers at the gates to Green Corner.

What Can Be Recycled At Green Corner

Metals – Clean and Flattened

Drinks Cans
Tin Cans
Aluminium foil and trays

Plastics – Clean

Plastic Drinks Bottles
Plastic Cleaning Bottles
Plastic Bags

Glass, Cardboard, Polystyrene

Glass Jars
Flattened Cardboard

More Information

Green Corner is open three days a week during the summer. There are always three volunteers on site – a Greek speaker, an English speaker and one other. It’s a great place to meet new people, to learn about the community and to learn about recycling.

We are always looking for new volunteers both to help out at Green Corner and for Clean Mani activities in general. So if you are interested then we would love to speak to you.