Why Sponsor Us?

Because we are the leading environmental group in the Mani you can sponsor us and, in doing so, advertise your business effectively. Our members are affluent and committed to the concept of environmental conservation.

If you sponsor a page on our website we will prominently display your advert near the top of that page. A user clicking on your advert can be directed either to your own website or to a dedicated Sponsor page hosted on our website.

Please contact us if you think we can help.

Dedicated Sponsor Pages

Our sponsors are prominently advertised on our website

Sponsoring us entitles you to a dedicated page on our website. Your page is accessible either via the Sponsors tab in the menu or when a user searches our site via the search bar which is located on every page.

Your page can show:

  • A title which describes your business in just a few words,
  • Either one or two high quality photographs,
  • A link to your own website (if you have one).
  • Up to 500 words of text to describe your business and the services it offers.

Guidelines For Sponsor Pages

  • The title should succinctly summarise what your business does:
    • Use at most 7 or 8 words
    • Keep it simple and memorable.
  • Images should be high quality and easily convey exactly what your business offers.
    • If you have multiple images they should be exactly the same size.
    • An uncluttered image is more effective than a cluttered one.
    • We may be able to find stock images for you if you wish.
  • The text should describe what your business does and what makes it stand out from your competitors.
  • Since our group is concerned with environmental conservation and protection you may wish to emphasise how your business also supports these aims.