Recycling Map

On this page you will find a map showing locations of facilities in the West Mani which support recycling and composting. Details of how to recycle and how to compost can be found elsewhere on our site.


The recycling symbols on this map are colour coded as follows:

  • Orange – Clean Mani Green Corner.
  • Yellow – multiple recycling facilities (click for details).
  • Blue – the blue bin scheme – glass, plastics, paper and metals.
  • Red – the red bin scheme – clothing and footwear.
  • Green – small devices, lights and / or batteries (click for details).
  • Grey – other recycling (click for details).

Unused drugs which are no longer required can be disposed of at recycling bins located at pharmacies. Batteries can be widely recycled at supermarkets and other stores.

Help Us

This map is under constant development and you can help by:

  • Telling us of local recycling facilities which are not shown.
  • Checking the information on the map.
Please give as much detail as possible of the type of scheme and its location.