Film Group

The film group is a small group of friends who meet once a month to view and discuss a film.

For legal reasons this is a closed group and membership is by invitation only. Because the film is shown in a private home the audience is restricted to 15 people. In the event that a film is ‘oversubscribed’, members who did not attend the last film are given priority.

Each month one of the group members proposes three films for the following month’s meeting. A link to a trailer for each film is posted to the group and a vote is taken as to which film will be shown.

At the end of the film we sit with wine and nibbles to discuss the film together.

How frequently, when and where are films shown?

We show one film on the last Saturday of each month. During the winter they’ll be shown indoors, Spring and Autumn outdoors. We will probably take a break for the summer (July to September) when it’s too hot and many people are away or have visitors.

The films are shown in members houses, and that’s why we restrict membership to the group. If you’d like to volunteer to host a film then we can provide a projector, sound system and screen.

There will usually be a hat beside the door (or nearby) for a small voluntary donation (currently 2€). This is to cover the cost of heating (during the winter), wine and nibbles.

How are films chosen?

Any member can propose three films which they think people would like to watch. The entire membership then votes on which of the three films they wish to see and the film with the most votes is selected.

It’s first come first served in terms of when your proposals are put to the membership. Let Pam, Kerry or Carol know if you’d like your proposals to be scheduled for viewing. You can view the film choices “in the pipeline” at the foot of this page.

What films can I choose?

We must be able to source the films you propose. So please ensure your proposals are available on:

  1. Amazon,
  2. Google Play,
  3. Netflix, or
  4. A DVD or download which you already own

The films should be available without using a VPN – in other words, they need to be available here in Greece rather than in some other region.

In terms of film content, it’s up to you. Just bear in mind that some films might prove less appealing than others!

Is it legal?

Absolutely. Everyone within the group is a personal friend of all three organisers, the films are shown in a private venue and there is no profit involved.

Whose film choices are being shown and when?

  • November 2023. Dermot McNaughton (Zorba The Greek, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca)
  • December 2023. Denise Knight (Cinema Paradiso, As Good As It Gets, The Way)
  • January 2024. Carol Small (The Favourite, The French Dispatch, Shakespeare In Love)
  • February 2024. George Hadjimatheou (Dr Strangelove, In The Heat Of The Night, 2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • March 2024. Helen Suddards (In The Mood For Love – Prime Video, Power Of The Dog – Netflix, Parasite – Netflix)