Our Prices

Our prices are unbeatable – and all of the money we raise goes to charity

Whatever your needs we believe our prices are unbeatable. We do not profit in any way for the work that we do – all of the money that we raise goes to one of the charities which we support. At the time of writing these are:

  • Clean Mani, a group which aims to clean and beautify the Mani by reducing waste and promoting composting
  • Lysos Garden, which is a gardening workshop for young people with special needs situated in Kalamata
  • MIAO, an animal welfare organisation in Western Messinia

Construction Service

The first step is for us to meet with you to discuss your general requirements. The key factors we need to understand are:

  • Will it be static (requiring infrequent changes) or dynamic (requiring frequent changes)?
  • What content do you want your website to have?
  • Will it be in English, Greek or both English and Greek?
  • Will it require features specific to your business?
  • Where will you want your website to be hosted?

At the end of the meeting we will give you a fixed quotation in terms of the number of days it will take to build the site. We will ask for a donation of €80 / day (€10 / hour) once the website is built to your satisfaction. You can donate to any of the charities we support.

For example:

  • Our own website took three days to build – two days for the English version and one for the Greek version. So a site like this would cost about €240.
  • The Mani Money website took one and a half days to build – one day for the English version and half a day for the Greek version. So a site like this would cost about €120.
  • The Clean Mani website took five days to build – but this is because it involved undertaking a lot of research to create the content. So a site like this would cost about €400.

Whilst we can create a Greek version of your site we are not native Greek speakers. Therefore it is essential that you carefully check and revise the Greek version or, better yet, prepare the text for the Greek version yourself.

Once the site has been built there may subsequently be the need for it to be modified. Either we can make these changes for you at the same rate (€10 euros / hour), or we can train you to make these changes yourself.

Hosting Service

Once your website is built you need a computer on which to run it. If you run it via

  • wordpress.com there is no cost, although your website will have limited functionality and it will display adverts for third parties.
  • a wordpress hosting site of your own choosing you will pay the costs directly to them; please be aware, however, that there is often a huge difference between their introductory “teaser” rates and their renewal rates.
  • our own wordpress hosting site we ask you to pay €30 euros per year to any of the charities we support.

Training and Advice Service

For other bespoke work we again as for a donation of €10 / hour to one of our charities.

By way of example, if you are already comfortable using a computer for things like writing documents, surfing the web and spreadsheets we believe we can train you within a day to maintain your own website.