Our Services

Our sites run beautifully on all devices – PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

We design and build websites which are beautiful, modern and inexpensive and which run well on all platforms – computers, tablets and mobile phones. Once they are built we can maintain these websites or train you to do so yourself. Our services are competitively priced and we have many years of expertise in web development and IT.

We offer a number of IT services:

  • A construction service – we can build your website for you using WordPress to your specifications
  • A hosting service – once your website is built we can run it on our computers and keep it up to date for you
  • A training and advice service – we can teach you how to host and maintain the website yourself if you so wish and – since we have nearly 50 years of experience in the IT industry – we can help find innovative solutions to problems that you face

Please note that we only offer services using WordPress. This is because:

  • WordPress is easily the world’s most widely used website software. Because of this there are dozens of options for hosting services and you will easily be able to find someone to help maintain and develop your site. You will not be “locked in” to using us – you have the freedom to move elsewhere.
  • WordPress is open source and free. Because of this there are many people working on and constantly developing it.
  • Proprietorial website software – such as Wix and Squarespace – may offer more features but you are “locked in”. If the company goes bankrupt or suffers financial difficulties you may suddenly find your prices have increased or the quality of service has diminished.

Construction Service

We can design and build a web site for you to your specification using WordPress. Our websites are beautiful, modern, efficient and easy to maintain. We will

  1. Work with you to understand the key purposes of your website and what you want your website to do.
  2. Propose ideas to you which you may not have thought about.
  3. Agree a general structure for the site – i.e. what pages it will have and what those pages will contain.
  4. Build a prototype of the site for you to see. Often when you see a prototype other ideas will occur to you and we can make changes at this stage.
  5. Based upon the review of the prototype we will then:
    1. Revise and finalise the prototype,
    2. Agree upon a “look and feel” for the website, and
    3. Translate the website into other languages if this is necessary.

Please refer to our separate pricing page for details of the costs involved.

Hosting Service

Why do you need a hosting service?

Once your WordPress website is built you will need a computer on which to run it. This is called a “host” computer.

You can – if you have a lot of expertise, a top-end computer and a good internet connection – run it from your own computer from your own home or office. But this is not generally advisable because your website will stop working if you have a power failure, your computer stops working, your internet becomes unavailable, etc.

For this reason almost all websites are run on a hosting service and there are hundreds of companies which host WordPress sites. Amongst other things a hosting service provider will usually:

  • Prevent malicious attacks – such as denial of service attacks,
  • Provide a “failover” facility so that if the computer upon which your website is running crashes, the website will automatically start running on another backup computer,
  • Keep their computers up-to-date and have the latest anti-virus, anti-malware software installed.

As you can see, a hosting service relieves you of many of the problems you’d face if you run the website on your own computer.

What are your options?

Hosting services are provided by many companies, such as the giants (Google and Amazon) as well as many other smaller companies. In all likelihood, however, you will not need a dedicated WordPress site. In this case there are two main options open to you:

  • There is a free WordPress hosting service called wordpress.com. If your website is simple and you do not mind advertisements for other companies appearing on your site, this may be the best option for you.
  • If your website is not simple, or you do not want advertisements for other companies appearing on it, we offer a hosted WordPress “multisite” which enables many small WordPress sites to run at once at a considerably reduced cost.

Please refer to our separate pricing page for details of the costs involved.

Training and Advice Service

If you would like to maintain your website yourself we can offer you training to do so. WordPress is relatively easy to learn and it’s great fun. As long as you have some computing expertise, within a day you will be able to maintain your own website.

We can also offer training and courses on numerous other IT related topics: so if you’d like to become an expert with spreadsheets or learn how to program then please get in touch.

Finally, since we have almost 50 years of experience working in IT, we can provide help and advice on most computing-related matters.

Please refer to our separate pricing page for details of the costs involved.