Potential Groups

Is there something that you’re interested in, that you think other people might also be interested in, but there’s no group in existence? Then make a suggestion on this page – giving your name and contact details – and you may find there are other like-minded people out there.

Has someone proposed a new group that may be of interest to you? Then get in touch with them!

Non-Fiction Book Group

The general idea is to have a book discussion group which concentrates on non-fiction books. Two possible approaches are:

  • A single book is chosen and all members read that book (i.e. a “Single Title” Book Group)
  • A topic is chosen and members read different books pertaining to that topic (i.e. a “Multi Title” Book Group)

Members would take it in turn to suggest a book (or topic) and we’d all have a month to read the book before meeting up for a drink and discussion.

Travel Group

Are there places which you would like to visit – whether locally, somewhere else in Greece, or even abroad – but you’d like to go with a group of people?

Scrabble Group

Tennis Group

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